Capricho’s swingers Club in Rielves, Toledo

Entrance fee couples
Entrance fee women
Entrance fee men

Let yourself be carried away by your fantasies and your imagination. Games, morbid and much more. We are for you!

To achieve a welcoming and liberal environment, where we all feel comfortable and can give free rein to our imagination, from Capricho’s Swingers we have drawn up a series of rules of good conduct that are set out below:

Maximum respect:
A NO simply means NO.

What happens at Capricho’s Swingers stays there

We all want to have a good time.

Both personal hygiene and that of the room is essential, keep in mind that we enjoy common areas.

We want to preserve your health:
for this we have the means… ask us.

Open space:
We have mixed and private areas, exclusive for couples.

Get involved:
We want you to help us create a pleasant environment, any suggestion will always be well received.

Consume Moderately:
Excess harmful substances can make your night spoil the others ”control”.

Capricho’s swingers, Swingers Club in Rielves, Toledo
Furniture is a common use good, take care of it and enjoy it like at home.

Dress code:
We value your outfit, whether it is elegant or according to the event that is organized. We will not accept sportswear such as a tracksuit.

Carretera Toledo - Ávila, Km. 17, Rielves , Castilla-La Mancha 45524, Spain