Afrodita Swingers club, Alenquer, Portugal


The only 100% liberal swinger space in Portugal, located in Alenquer.

Liberal atmosphere where all participants will be able to enjoy the most common fantasies of swing.

Good music, good mood, almost familiar atmosphere that no one is left behind or despised in one of the many corners of AFRODITA, everyone coexists, talks with everyone, coexists without being looked at with superiority by anyone.

Unique Swing atmosphere!
A animation, sensuality, or eroticism and the intimate and relaxed atmosphere, usual elements of the parties of AFRODITA will be present as always, where also to friendship and or conviviality, but once it will be cultivated among all those present, which is expected, be once more magnificent!

With exclusive area only for couples.

R. Francisco José Lopes 30, Alenquer , Lisbon 2580, Portugal