Bains de l’Est, Swingers Club, Genève, Switzerland


Located downtown Geneva (left bank; Rive area), The “Bains de l’Est” is The place to be, it is a MUST for your naughty afternoon and evenings until very late.

Hygiene, comfort, wellbeing is part of our identity since 1999, we guaranteeing to our guests the cleanest bath as well as all facilities.

Entrance fee include for each guest has is own locker, free towels are at disposal for your own comfort, let’s take a warm and relaxing shower and let come discovering and let spoiling you around…

Meet people in around the bar, hot discussion in our outstanding jacuzzi or rubbing each other in the steam-bath and sauna, any naughty spaces are for you and others with respect and mutual agreement.

Rue de l'Est 3, Genève , Geneva 1207, Switzerland