Bermuda Swingers Club, Graz, Austria

A swingers club is a club where swingers meet. The term swinger derives from the English to swing. Swinging is one in the second half of the 20th century. Century popular term for people who live out their sexuality freely and without restrictions with different partners, beyond conventional morals and social taboos that could stand in the way of certain needs. In a swingers club, among other things, people are offered the opportunity to live out their fantasies and sex practices in the form of partner exchange, voyeurism, exhibitionism and group sex.

A distinction is made between pure couple clubs, which are intended exclusively for couples, and swinger clubs, where individuals also have access. The latter are mainly visited by men and couples – less often by individual women – who are not averse to the so-called men’s surplus, i.e. sex with men in the majority.

Other companies with the names party meeting, naturist club or sauna club usually employ prostitutes or let them in. This is prohibited in a swingers club and not desired.

A swinger club usually has a changing area with lockers, a counter or Bar, dining area, showers and a separate area for sexual activities. This “sex area” is usually divided into different thematic areas, for example a large playground for group sex, a small room where you can take touch from the outside (Glory Hole), a dark room, a room with a gyn chair and often also a massage table. Often there is a lockable room into which individuals can retreat.

Minors are generally prohibited from entering; recognizably unkempt persons and those under the conspicuous influence of alcohol or drugs are denied access without the express declaration of the operators.

First-time visitors to a club are shown the premises and the rules of the game are explained. In swinger clubs, the basic motto “Everything can, nothing must!” applies, which means that basically every kind of sexual contact is possible, but this may only take place with mutual consent. In the event of non-observance of signs of rejection, the host will exclude the person concerned.

After paying for the entrance fee, visitors change – or take off in the changing area. The clothes are housed in a lockable closet. The clothing rules vary depending on the club and country. In most swinger clubs in Europe and North America, lingerie (“club outfit”) is usually worn. For men, “cotton fine rib” is considered frowned upon. In many clubs, a light fetish outfit (lacquer, leather), especially at theme parties, is desired or prescribed. In Italy, France and Spain, visitors usually keep their clothes on and only put them off on the playgrounds ‘more or less’.

Kremser Str. 9a, Klein-Pöchlarn , Lower Austria 3660, Austria