Body Erotic Club, Lisbon, Portugal


We are providing our guests with all the luxury and sensuality of one of Portugal’s most renowned strip clubs since 2011. Going to Body Club is taking your senses to another reality. Our guests leave Lisbon’s frenzy behind by going down on a lift that opens to a space where they can surrender to the calm exuberance of small pleasures, voluptuousness and hedonism.

The tasteful decoration is filled with feminine motifs. And guest attention goes to dancers on the elevated stage with a double pole where the best international strippers present their art with their seductive, teasing moves.

Guests can see dancer shows from anywhere across the room, because the stage is visible from every BodyClub seat. Displays are strategically placed to prevent our guests from missing the greatest moments and intimate details, making a harmonious contrast between high-end technology and room’s organic shapes.

Rua Sousa Martins, 5D Picoas , Lisbon 1050-217, Portugal