Cap, Swingers Club in Madrid


The sauna Hamman Cap Madrid, is based on the concept of liberal mixed saunas. We created a place where couples can let their imaginations run wild.

The sauna is divided into two distinct areas:
One, with more than 200 m2, designed exclusively for couples, which feature a catering area (for the day on which it is organized), an area of Japanese Zen park of more than 100 m2, with benches, fountains, trees, plants and décor (unique in this type of establishment) and a large separate relaxation area with 18 m2 of mattress 17 cm thick and visco.

Another, with more than 450 m2, for both couples and single guys, distributed on top with a chill out bar with all kinds of beverages (soft drinks, water, coffee, chocolates and complimentary herbal teas) and on the ground inferior where feature a seating area with bar stools and a large sofa over 4 meters long, with a water machine, where you can relax in front of It also has over 200 m2 of streets, with their single rooms, all with doors and windows with curtains, with different themes (vouayer, bars, glory hole, massage table…). We also have a sauna area, an area with hammam and an area with a large Jacuzzi over 6 meters long, with shower areas.

Calle del Gral. Zabala, 31 , 28002, Madrid