Divine Alcôve, Swingers Restaurant, Paris, France

L’Alcôve, the first and only Restaurant / Cocktail Bar for libertine couples, wishes to welcome you in a chic and sensual atmosphere. Management is therefore required to limit the number of couples present to maintain its excellent quality of welcome and is therefore forced to make a strict selection concerning presentation, harmony in the couple, elegance and behavior.

Alcove is a Restaurant / Cocktail Bar reserved for libertine couples, but it is not a libertine space. The Alcove is not equipped with cuddly corners, it is a sensual place without being carnal, we believe that there are other places more appropriate for this and we want to make Alcove live for what it is, a space for meetings and exchanges, or even a “Before” of your libertine nights.

Thus, to be more precise, the ladies will have plenty of time to be seductive playing with their more or less dressed attire, while the gentlemen will force themselves not to make their virility appear, under penalty of definitive exclusion.

It is a cocktail bar / restaurant as there are many others, but this one is exclusively reserved for couples, whether they are libertine or willing to become one, they will find at the Alcove a place where they can meet other couples, discuss all topics, dine and enjoy homemade cocktails.

The Alcove meets the need of libertine couples to be able to meet in a place dedicated to them without being a libertine club and without an entrance fee!

With Alcove, go from virtual to real, Alcove is the ideal place to get to know couples who have caught your attention on specialized dating sites.

Thus, whether you have an appointment with another couple, or if you want to get to know each other according to the chance of a meeting, or simply spend a romantic evening in a place that looks like you surrounded by couples who share your taste for non-conformist sexuality, Alcôve welcomes you on Thursdays from 8:00 p.m. to midnight and on Fridays and Saturdays

Single women:
Divine Alcove is also accessible to single women on condition that they are co-opted by a member couple, or take care to contact us in advance (visible call number) to arrive at 06 71 71 21 71.

Male trio:
Men alone are not accepted in Alcove, however, couples who wish to meet a man can make an appointment for him at Alcove provided they enter and leave with him.

Entry is free but selective and subject to a few simple rules that must be respected under penalty of being denied access:

Dress Code: Sexy chic
In order to give themselves the maximum chance to discover the Alcove and its delights, men will leave their washed and perforated jeans, sports shoes and other polo and T-shirt at home, to wear an elegant outfit with a long-sleeved shirt.

The ladies, for their part, will be sensual, preferably wearing skirts or dresses according to the desire of the moment and will seduce their entourage from the top of their most beautiful heels, no flat shoes or pants for the Queens of the Alcove.

The members of Divine Alcove impose themselves:

  • An outfit in accordance with the Dress Code.
  • Conduct that respects all.
  • Withholding in all circumstances.
  • To be attentive to the desires of women.
  • To approach other members with respect and attention.
  • Not to be tactile without being invited.
  • Not to have sexual intercourse within the establishment.
  • To be of unfailing discretion on what is happening in Alcove.
25 Bis Rue Duvivier, Paris , Île-de-France 75007, France