Glamour Swingers Club, San Vitaliano, Italy


…. Glamour is a word that is hard to define …
so much so that it does not exist in any other language except in English
and it’s a combination of sophistication, mystery and magic …..

Our association is a private club, aimed exclusively at adults who must necessarily be partners; for the purpose of affiliation you must provide your data and present a valid identity document at the entrance. The Club is aimed at an adult audience who want to live their sexuality freely. Our association is a promoter of free sex…. from every constraint, to be overwhelmed from fantasies and emotions in which sex is an increasingly intriguing and seductive game.

Confidentiality, discretion, respect for women and good manners are the prerequisites essential that our partners must take into account.

  • Reservation is mandatory for single members.
  • It is forbidden to hold and use any type of drug.
  • It is forbidden to use cameras, video phone calls and video cameras.
  • The Presidency shall have the power to withdraw, for a period of time it deems appropriate, the membership card without having to give any explanation, therefore invites members to report any undecent and/or intrusive behavior.
  • Elegant clothing is required so the entrance can be inhibited to those members who will wear gym clothes and / or shabby clothes; members who they will show up at the entrance in shorts and / or slippers; wearing the shirt is strongly recommended.
  • Entry to the rooms is only allowed if you have a minimum number of three people.

This is a transgressive circle but our freedom ends where that of others begins.

Strada Provinciale per Nola, 77, San Vitaliano , Campania 80030, Italy