Istinto Swingers Club, Manerba del Garda, Italy


The Lake Garda club  for intriguing couple meetings

Instinct is the exclusive Club to meet on Lake Garda.
The unique and elegant location offers the opportunity to meet and exchange exciting experiences.

Why choose Instinct Club

Our 3 dogmas

  1. It takes little to make an intense and memorable experience. We believe that respect is the main card to play on every occasion: every person deserves the same precautions that you would have been told.
  2. Feel free to express yourself in complete safety, thanks to our staff who will always be present, in a silent and discreet way, to ensure that the rules are respected.
  3. Healthy fun in a healthy environment, primordial goals for the most exciting sensations.
    He is hardly wrong following the Insinth.

The restaurant
The restaurant is distinguished by the privacy, hygiene and refinement of the spaces, recently modernized. The environment that will welcome you is pervaded by a sophisticated and suggestive atmosphere, where you can smell your perceptions.

Discretion is guaranteed by a private parking that embraces the venue and culminates the spaces.
Instinct Club is the ideal place to express yourself, trust your Instinct!

Via Trevisago, 40, Manerba del Garda , Lombardy 25080, Italy