Kristallgrotte, Swingers Club, Oensingen, Switzerland


The only pure lifestyle only for couples and solo ladies!

There are many small and equally important prerequisites for a successful concept. We are made up of various equally important and responsible people. Only in this way is it possible to face this challenge anew every day. The gastronomy has meanwhile become a large area of ​​our service. The care of the guests includes a lot of attention and attention to detail. Maintenance, repairs and constant careful observation are also part of a good success.

With our years of experience, the dream was successfully implemented 19 years ago. In the meantime, the Kristallgrotte has established itself in the market and is an integral part of the Swiss and European scene.

  • Exclusively in Switzerland: Entry ONLY for couples and solo ladies.
  • Each couple is given a CC member card as a loyalty bonus (full card = 1 free entry).
  • We offer you a buffet with culinary delights: cold and warm dishes as well as tasty dessert specialties.
  • Meet like-minded guests at the jungle bar.
  • Relax in our crystal cave, lean back and enjoy your well-being.
  • While tanning on our sun deck, have a casual chat, sip a delicious drink and simply enjoy.
  • Experience up close the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the entrances to the caves.
  • Live your lust to the fullest in our experience-spaces.
  • Lean back and relax in the Roman or grotto spa.
  • Enjoy the varied and fascinating theme worlds as you will only encounter them in the crystal cave.
  • Your sensuous experience and unique well-being is underlined by soft tunes and current pop music in all rooms.
  • Erotic movies inspire to join in.
Grabenackerstrasse 9, Oensingen , Solothurn 4702, Switzerland