La Chaloupe Swingers Club, Bordeaux, France

At the service of your pleasure

For more than 30 years, the history of La Chaloupe has been written with its share of anecdotes, sometimes (very) crispy, beautiful encounters and new … because every evening is a novelty, an event.

Difficult to predict, to imagine how alchemy can be born between those who, driven by a desire for something else, walk through the door of this delicious home. Sometimes it only takes music, one step forward to the other to create the spark.

La Chaloupe is a space for fun, openness, warmth and tolerance, mainly open for couples but accessible to all those (depending on evening and dress code) who respect and celebrate everyone’s freedom, who wish to have fun with elegance and fantasy, get off the beaten track of conformism and let themselves be transported by a delicious and intoxicating carnal energy …

Sometimes it only takes a music, a look, or a step forward towards the other to create the spark… with confidence and freedom. At the Chaloupe, conviviality and respect, key words, mean that you can satisfy your desires, experience your fantasies or not, without any obligations or constraints.

Sexy outfits are highly appreciated and desired for ladies. Gentlemen win by highlighting themselves in a perfect gentleman’s outfit and behavior (shirt, pants, city shoes).

30 Rue Giacomo Mattéoti, Bordeaux , Nouvelle-Aquitaine 33100, France