La Femme Chic, Bologna, Italy

The Chic Femme … the Club Privé is a paradise of fantasies and refined transgressions!
The “Femme Chic” was thought of in tribute to this philosophy

The reception will be at your disposal, to detail the rules of the club and all the services and pleasures, which you can access.

As you know, the club is a place of participation and associationism, where sexual freedom is the ground for fantasies and new experiences. The transgressions and voluptuousness of everyone are welcome, if the behaviors are permeated with good taste and stately style.

At the private club the members talk to each other, integrate, cement friendships and sensuality, exchanging programs and …. something more !! That is, in the sense that sex is free and as long as the dignity, confidentiality and will of others are respected.

And now we are talking to you about our place, which we have studied to amaze you favorably, giving way to what we know to be the magnetic calls of your minds and your transgressive dreams.

The first priority was to guarantee you impeccable hygiene and cleanliness, which will make you feel calm and comfortable; seven bathrooms and two showers are proof of the respect and consideration we have for you as partners and as friends.

Similarly, your clothing and any other personal effects are protected in the wardrobe. The elevator and an intriguing spiral staircase will take you to the actual place.

The bar and hall are upstairs and will create that ‘feeling’, which couples and individuals normally require to cultivate their intimate transgressions with class.

You will be served the drinks you will request and those “invited appetizers” that we have studied … to cultivate your libertine energy!

The rooms” are our icing offer on the cake of your refined erotic flights!

One of these, narrow and long, parallel to another of equal size will twin the vojuristic fantasies of some, with the exhibitionist will of others. Inside the room you will find a cage, a cross and a room with railing, for those who have the desire to be tied, blindfolded and …

On the floor (and along a few steps) you will find the rooms to which a minimum of three members will be able to access, for their voluptuous intentions. In these rooms and in those of the “black paradise” (that is, the classic dark room), even the individuals will have their appetizing opportunities…. to “dent the fruits” of the pleasant sin! In all the linen spare parts and hygienic wipes they will make you feel at home: this is the goal we have set ourselves for culture and seriousness.

Now (with the elevator or another ladder, which will give you thriling visual perceptions) we accompany you upstairs, to the area we call ‘the garden of couples’. We are proud of it, because the breadth of the restaurant with the multiple presences that meet them, will ignite and catalyze the most creative fantasies, for the benefit of all of you. The large circular Latvian, placed in the center and the perimeter sofas, will incentivize “looks and actions” of the couples, who have chosen this solution.

Two additional rooms, one with a grating to observe and interact inside the large room and one with the bellows wall will host further libertine intrigues.

… what else to tell you about the Club “La Femme Chic” except that we wanted to build it like this, ….. because it is for you gym of wishes to satisfy and cenacolo of free experiences to be consolidated in common.

Have fun dear transgressive friends!

Via Emilio Zago, 7, Bologna , Emilia-Romagna 40128, Italy