La Manzana Circulo Privado, Swingers Club in Baltezana, Basque


La Manzana Circulo Privado is NOT a “conventional liberal club” is a Private Swinger Chalet, in the Castro Urdiales area (Cantabria) very close to Bilbao, in it only couples and single girls (Friends, VIPs and Guests) are allowed to enter.

And who can be VIP and who invited?

  • VIP can be any single couple or girl who has previously come to La Manzana and wants to belong to our group of regulars, meeting the due requirements, which we will inform you personally.
  • Guest can be any single couple or girl who comes to La Manzana accompanied or invited by a VIP or regular couple.
  • We too, as regulars of La Manzana, can invite, in fact we do it from here and now to make La Manzana known to all those couples or girls alone, who know the liberal environment or beginners and who have not yet visited us. In this case, all we ask is that you contact us in advance by phone, whatsapp or e-mail to be able to arrange your first visit.

This control only aims to guarantee discretion, comfort and safeguard the privacy and privacy of couples or single girls who visit us, and in this type of operation we are no different from many other meeting placeswingers in Spain or abroad.

To clear up any doubts we want to summarize three important points, which can be extracted from the above:

  • In La Manzana we do not close ourselves to being met by new couples or single swingers girls (boy + girl).
  • Any couple or girl alone (who have liberal concerns) can come to know us, first warning by phone, whatsapp, telegram or e-mail.
  • BOYS ALONE NO, THANK YOU exceptionally you can visit us on very specific days and with prior notice HMH Formed Threesomes from the outside and invited by a VIP couple
  • At specific theme parties you can attend CDs or Trans with prior notice at 627858545

Approximate annual capacity:

Couples: 80%
Single Girls: 10%
CDs and Trans: 5%
HMH Threesomes: 5%
Single Boys: 0%


Bo. Baltezana, 121A, Castro Urdiales , Biscay 39706, Basque