L’Angélus Swingers Club, Melun, France

L’Angélus is pleased to welcome you to one of the most beautiful clubs in the region, in a chic, cozy and sensual atmosphere, a dancefloor for festive and unbridled atmospheres. A lounge bar welcomes you with a wide choice of champagne and superior alcohol.

The most experienced, don’t forget your first time, think about putting couples who enter the world of libertinism at ease. Libertinage is above all coming out of monotony, it’s a great opportunity to share together a new experience and to have a different open-mindedness.

A “no” means no, and there is no explanation to give. The freedom to participate or not to participate.

Use of condoms (available in salons). Thank you for alerting us to any problems with behavior not corresponding to the ethics of the club.

Any form of vulgarity, aggression or insistence will be punished with immediate exclusion.

9 Bd Gambetta, Melun , Île-de-France 77000, France