Le Mask Swingers Club, Paris, France

Dress with gusto and elegance. Le Mask offers you a chic and cozy atmosphere from which fake notes are prohibited.

Glamor and elegance
Ladies: we put your femininity in the spotlight: High heels, dresses, sexy skirts are welcome. It’s time to dare to be beautiful, underwear turns into a temptation.

Gentlemen, to accompany the ladies, forget sneakers, T-shirts and jeans, we expect you to have nice shoes and a shirt. Elegance is required.

It is not mandatory to wear a mask, but we strongly recommend it to preserve a mysterious atmosphere conducive to fantasies and “naughty” games. Don’t hesitate to bring your personal mask, otherwise we can lend you one on site.

The management of this libertine club reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who does not meet our requirements.

18 Rue Feydeau, Paris , Île-de-France 75002, France