Le Sabbie Nere, Swingers Club, Nicolosi, Sicily, Italy


Kinky Fluo
It’s the trend of the moment, a very flashy and particular party!

Draw inspiration from the body painting reworked with the language of the bright party … to this we will add a very strong dose of transgression and eroticism as only at Le Sabbie Nere.

The club will provide a number of fluorescent gadgets but it is obvious that a dress code with at least one garment and/or themed accessory will be appreciated…

Let’s have fun together, we are waiting for you!

Couples Only
One of the most important novelties of this winter season is to dedicate the last Thursday of each month exclusively to couples!!!

We thought of giving the opportunity to all the young couples who have never crossed the threshold of a transgressive club and to those who do not like an environment frequented even by single men to enjoy a place, such as Le SabbieNere, created and thought solely for pleasure!

The event will be open exclusively to couples under the age of 50 and to all couples already registered with our association.

From 21.00 to 22.30 a tasty buffet will be offered.

Take advantage of it and do not miss this unique opportunity to get in touch with an atmosphere with high erotic content and full of transgression … our staff will be happy to do the honors of home.

The Friday of “Le SabbieNere” is the day suitable for those who want to meet new people who love lifestyle and live new intoxicating transgressive experiences!
A first phase dedicated to the “Meet & Greet” will allow you to socialize while enjoying an excellent cocktail listening in the background the good music selected by our trusted DJ and then gradually lead you to the middle of the evening until you abandon yourself to the most unbridled erotic games !!!
Each couple will be given two “Drink cards” by our staff present at the entrance!
Our Friday is a great way to start a weekend in the name of transgression so as to break the routine and the usual daily tran-tran !!!

Saturday Disco Fever
Our Saturday Disco Fever is not to be missed… designed for those who want to indulge in the frenzy of the dance!!!Starting games on the track or at the bar counter is the best way to create the right eroticism to spend an unforgettable night!They will be the best DJs in the Sicilian landscape chosen for you by our staff to cheer up the transgressive Saturday that only in Le Sabbie Nere you can live.Sunday in… Wellness AreaAutumn is just around the corner, the months to come will be cooler… but don’t worry, we have the solution!Our wellness area is already there ready for you… it’s just waiting to gently warm up your bodies!We will be open from 15.30 to 21.00 with Brunch, Tisaneria and Apericena … and of course sauna, Turkish bath and swimming pool with heated jacuzzi!Autumn is a transitional season as it will be for our Club… in fact we have great surprises in store for the winter season that we will reveal to you slowly !!!So what are you waiting for, in the meantime we are starting to warm up waiting to get to the heart of this next special winter that we are preparing for you!!!

Via-Pecorelle, 37, Nicolosi , Sicily 95030, Italy