Mistik Sauna Club, Porto, Portugal

Our mission is to disseminate and promote well-being, relaxation, relaxation, intimate conviviality and intimate and healthy interaction between our customers, based on the consensual sharing of bodies, pleasures and eroticism, all in a serious, loyal, responsible and sober way; without the guilt and prejudice imposed by the “castrating” society that surrounds us.

Above all, we believe that everyone has the right to well-being, pleasure and happiness!

Far beyond the business we are promoting a liberal and open lifestyle, where we are all accomplices of pleasures, voluptuousness and delight; we believe that this will make us all better people happier and more fulfilled, we believe in what we do!

Because we deeply believe in these our principles and follow them as a philosophy of life, we exist to serve you, and this is OUR MISSION!

Mistik Sauna Club to contribute to a better world!

We have several thematic spaces whose objective is to promote and motivate intimate interaction between participants!

  • Rooms in common areas and in exclusive areas for couples
  • Movie Theater
  • Cruz de Santo André (BDSM)
  • Grids and curtains in common areas
  • Cabin with glory holes in couples areas
  • Dark rooms and rooms with interconnected cabins and several glory holes in common areas

Air-conditioned environment We have an area restricted to couples

de Câmara Pestana 445 , Porto 4350-089, Portugal