Morrigan club privè, Swingers Club, Cefalà Diana, Sicily


Morrigan club was born in 2007 from a group of couples passionate about transgression, eroticism and exhibitionism, culturally suitable for interpersonal contacts with other people who love sex unbridled by couple feelings and jealousy.

The choice of location is not by chance identified not far from Palermo, in a hill that lends itself very well to the confidentiality of people who love this type of activity.

11 years of activity have made the Morrigan club the most frequented and longest of the last few years in Sicily, thanks to our president who has been able to manage the festive evenings inside our structure in an exemplary and elegant way, taking care of the slightest detail of the well-being of our members and their stay at the premises.

To be part of our structure the approach must and must be the transgressive mentality, the freedom to interpose between people who love shared sex without limits of jealousy and feelings, the pleasure of getting to know each other and participating in our parties, making acquaintances among members who at least mentally share this type of sexual freedom.

none of the participants in our parties are obliged to engage in sexual acts or to demand such acts, everything must arise from the mental and corporeal attraction between people.

contrada ferro s.n, c, Cefala' Diana , Sicily 90030, Italy