Ô Stories, Swingers Club, Narbonne, France

1200M2 of space of pleasure

The Ballono-Club HISTOIRES D’Ô puts at your disposal:

  • A Lounge Bar area to relax with a drink.
  • A Clubbing Space for Saturday evenings.
  • Secure locker rooms and showers reserved for couples.
  • Secure Locker Rooms and Showers for Men Alone.
  • A Large 60° Sauna with Eucalyptus Essential Oils and Salt Panels.
  • A 41° Hammam with Eucalyptus Essential Oils.
  • A Large Indoor Water Jacuzzi between 33° and 35°.

Six Spacious Cabins locking with keys

  • A Large 100% Couples Lounge.
  • A Gang-Bang space,
  • A Sling space,
  • A Glory Hole space.
  • Provision of a Massage-Wellness and Relaxation Salon
  • Room with massage table. We offer essential massage oils (Dosette at €2).
10 Av. de la Coupé, Narbonne , Occitanie 11100, France