Orangerie Le Club, Wängi, Switzerland


The Orangery is a large club with a lot of ambience. You will immediately feel welcome and safe and have fun according to your mood. Maybe you start with delicious food and drink, which is only offered in the orangery in this à la carte form.

Experience the tingling of an erotic evening entertainment with style and level. In a mostly balanced mix between women and men, in 2019 49% of all guests in the orangery were women.

Enjoy an exotic and erotic drink from the long, centrally located bar. Then stroll to the catwalk with the mirror stage and the dance bar or make yourself comfortable in the lounge, discuss entertaining with Hinz and Kunz, go into the beautiful garden with the cozy smoking hut with the open fire before the saunas, the whirlpool or one of the many sunbathing lawns and relaxation rooms are waiting for you.

Maybe you will have fun with your companion or new acquaintances in the large couple area at the top of the gallery or down on the long mats between the old massive stone walls, behind the wrought iron gates in the BDSM area and when mild temperatures lure, discover secluded places in the invisible beautiful garden.

Wilerstrasse 55, Wängi , Thurgau 9545, Switzerland