Paradox Private Swingers Club, Claix, France

Among the services offered by the Paradox, you will find an atmosphere bar with free non-alcoholic drinks (alcoholic drinks at a surcharge), a spa area with Thermal spa, outdoor pool with relaxing beach, sauna and bubble bath, naughty lounges as well as indoor and outdoor smoking areas. A snaking space is also available on Saturday evening.

Correct Outfit Required
Take special care of your outfit: if possible sexy for Madame, sober and clean for Monsieur. Jogging, shorts, basketball (sweat or worn), flip-flops… are not accepted. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

First visit?
We will show you around the place, and know that nothing is mandatory (the goal is to have a pleasant time). You can stay dressed in the bar area (clothes are prohibited in the living rooms).

Do not hesitate and come and discover an erotic and respectful atmosphere…

  • Ready for microfiber towels and paréos (your personal towels are allowed).
  • Ready for a cloakroom that locks and keeps your key at the bar (recommended), note that it is forbidden to take your key to the balneo.
  • Keep your cigarettes at the bar. Vapote accepted in the establishment.
  • The salons lock, chains at the doors (to be seen without being disturbed).
  • Conservatives*, massage oil*, Intimate gel*, Shower gel, paper towels & disinfectant at your disposal.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone who does not have good hygiene and proper clothing.

4 Allée des Ingénieux, Claix , Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 16440, France