Parenclub villa 21, Geel, Belgium


Villa 21 is known for its friendly family atmosphere where you immediately feel “at home”, we pay a lot of attention to social contact, conviviality, hygiene & respect.

The club is aimed at visitors who come to a cozy environment for eroticism and sex, who want to experience their experiences and fantasies with their partner or others, in a suitable setting and facilities.

Villa 21 includes several areas: sauna, bar, garden, themed rooms, a TV room, lounge, walking dinner restaurant…

Visitors usually opt for a sexy outfit and lingerie. In villa 21 there is a dress code, most visitors only wear lingerie or nothing more as the evening progresses.

For example, there are also theme evenings where it is determined from which hour visitors are asked to take off their outerwear.

In villa 21 strict rules are in place to ensure that everyone’s boundaries are respected. You can consult the rules used further on the website.

One of the unwritten rules between swingers is that if someone touches you when you’d rather not, it’s best to briefly reject with a hand or head gesture, get up and leave or literally turn your back.

Grote Steenweg 21, Geel , Antwerp 2440, Belgium