Sala Olimpo, Swingers Club in Griñón, Madrid


Have you ever considered an exchange with another couple? a threesome? We have all ever fantasized about seeing our partner with other people, or being seen ourselves.

The first thing we must do is talk and value how open your relationship can be, the more open the better you will understand the liberal world, the more complicity and the better you will have a great time. Reaching that complicity is not easy, there are couples that take months, even years, it is advisable to fantasize about morbid situations, games, threesomes, exchanges…

You have to be both very involved, know the tastes of one and the other, that with a simple look you know if what is happening is pleasant for both of us, jealousy leave them parked aside.

C. Francia, 13, Griñón , 28971, Madrid