Sala Trivial, Swingers Club in Madrid


With 30 years of experience among Spanish liberal locals, Sala Trivial is undoubtedly the liberal place of atmosphere and swinger par excellence of the nights in Madrid.

We have more than 400 m2 divided into two floors, with endless strategically designed areas for you to unleash all your liberal fantasies.

Because we know what you are looking for and what you like, we have begun a new stage that has begun with the renovation and updating of a large part of our facilities, creating a newer concept of the liberal and swinger environment, thanks to which the nights of Sala Trivial will incite you even more to fun, passion and desire.

Therefore, do not hesitate to get lost in our most lustful corners, which under their gloom will make you surrender to the sins of the environment and the night. We encourage you to know in the opinion of many the place with the best liberal atmosphere in Madrid, where your fantasies will come true.

C. San Ambrosio, 8 , 28011, Madrid