Shaker Swingers Club, Vitray-en-Beauce, France

Our renovated club welcomes you with new ideas and games, but above all respect, good humor, conviviality and openness.

Come and rediscover our club

Have the pleasure to welcome you to the world of libertinism, openness and pleasure. The Shaker Club is meetings, seduction and desire. A friendly place, of approach and seduction. A space of erotic freedom, where everything is possible but nothing is mandatory.

All in a discreet, friendly, and cozy atmosphere where the only watchword is respect. We will be accompanied with special attention, the newcomers who want to discover libertinism or simply have a friendly moment. The Shaker Club, invites to abandonment and pleasure of the senses, this in a festive and light atmosphere always conducive to encounters and seduction …

Libertinting at the Shaker Club is above all synonymous with respect for others and everyone’s desires. It is also synonymous with open-mindedness, finesse and delicacy.

11 Bis Rue, N10, Vitray-en-Beauce , Centre-Val de Loire 28360, France