Talis, Swingers Club in Arganda del Rey, Madrid


Talis Swingers Club is above all a club of friends, a meeting point between couples with concerns, daring couples, wanting fun and wanting to enjoy life and everything it can offer them.

The Talis brings together couples of all kinds, of all ages, of all social levels. Couples who like the liberal atmosphere and like to chat with other couples, couples who like to get out of the monotony of ”do it at home”, couples who like to observe other couples in their most intimate moments, couples who like to be observed, couples who like rubbing and gentle caress with other couples, and of course, couples who like to change partners.

No one is obliged to do anything, you can be an observer or you can participate, and if you participate, you participate as far as each couple wants.

Respect, education and good manners are the golden rules of Talis.

Av. de Madrid, 128, local 5, Arganda del Rey , 28500, Madrid