Venus Milano, Milan, Italy


Venus is the best known Milan Night Club in the world thanks to its important history, the charm of the beautiful models who frequent it and the luxury of the location. We are in the center of Milan 50 meters from Piazza Duomo.

History Night Club Milano – Since 1931
Venus night club is the first nightclub that emerged in milan, founded in 1931, then called itself “aretusa”. during world war ii the current Venus was used as an anti-aircraft bombing refuge, to this day there are still the sirenal speakers, sirens that warned the milanese of an imminent air attack.

From the post-war period until the 70s, the most important Italian orchestras and the greatest artists that Italy has had performed in aretusa. In the 70s it took the name of “christian club” a record of excellent level and then definitely call it Venus from the 80s.

Many people ahead of the years, even today, remember with emotion when Sunday afternoons came there to dance. The Venus has been used by many directors as a scenario for movies.

Via Gaetano Giardino, 1, Milano , Lombardy 20123, Italy